A grand scale 19th century chest of drawers

A grand scale 19th century chest of drawers



A 19th century chest of drawers of remarkable country house proportions. In excellent sturdy condition with all the drawers running perfectly. The inner drawers lined with the original blue sugar paper still intact throughout. Crisp dovetails to all the drawers and top of the unit its self but most people would need a step ladder to see. Retaining its original back and locks with working key to most but not all locks. The main unit its self lifts away from the base and it appears the base has been modified or is not fully original to the main unit its self, probably to make it easier to move.

All in all a very good quality piece of furniture and very much ready to use.

Deep 57cm / 22.5inch
wide 124cm / 49inch
high 176cm / 69inch